Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Dark Mother

Article by Andrea Paterson I love Halloween. There’s something about the license to be dark and the embrace of all things strange and creepy that calls to me. In the old pagan calendars Samhain marked the turn into the dark half of the year. The harvest is over, the fields lie fallow, the night flows… Read more »

Fundraiser: Good Mother Project Photo Sessions

We have some really exciting news here at Pacific Post Partum Support Society. The Good Mother Project is sponsoring its second fundraiser for PPPSS and this one is going to be bigger and more awesome than the last! Moms and their children are invited to have portraits taken in support of mothers everywhere. The event… Read more »

Dusk: Finding Comfort

This week we have beautiful and soothing words from a Pacific Post Partum Support Society Counselor. Take a short coffee break on this cloudy morning and drink this story in! Article by Anna Chambers Long after dusk, thirteen and a half years ago, my baby girl moved in waves and emerged from a cocoon of… Read more »

October: Herald of Dark Nights

Happy Thanksgiving from Pacific Post Partum Support Society! Today a PPPSS staff member shares her love for Autumn and the healing promised by longer nights. Georgie articulates the deep meaning she finds in the literal and metaphorical turning of the seasons. She tells a story of the seasons that exist in parenthood, and in our… Read more »

Plantings: Growing into Parenthood

Article by Andrea Paterson The days here in Vancouver are getting noticeably shorter. The air is cooler. The light is the golden hue that appears in fall when the sun rides lower in the sky. As the seasons turn from summer to autumn there is a sense of moving into the darker part of the… Read more »