About Us

Our History

Pacific Post Partum Support Society has been supporting mothers and their families experiencing postpartum/perinatal distress, depression and anxiety for almost 50 years. The program started in 1971 as a grass roots initiative when a small group of women began meeting at the Vancouver Crisis Line office to share their experiences and support each other around postpartum issues. This established the pattern for our treatment model: mothers supporting mothers. This was a new approach to addressing the issues of postpartum depression and one that has since influenced changes in postpartum support.

Over the years, our programs have developed based on the needs of those we serve. Today we reach out to approximately 4,000 mothers and families each year.

“I cannot emphasize enough how important the PPPSS Support Group was to me, and countless other women.  When I was deep in the dark confines of PPD, it was impossible for me to rationally access resources to help me.  PPPSS was available, open and accessible.  I credit the PPPSS with saving my life, a bit of a dramatic claim, but true.  I was able to reclaim my mental health, and return to the high-functioning, joyful and privileged life I had and now have embarked upon with a new young family.  Without the Support Group, I suspect my family, marriage, son’s development and my career would have needlessly suffered in unredeemable and immeasurable ways.”

Statement of Belief

  1. We believe that postpartum depression is a multidimensional problem with social factors such as isolation, poverty, lack of childcare and the stressful nature of mothering playing important roles.
  2. We believe that through mutual aid and emotional support, women are empowered to engineer their own recovery and to learn skills of self-care, which encourage healthy life choices for themselves and their families.
  3. We believe that it is healing for a woman with postpartum depression to share her experiences, in confidence, and to receive non-judgmental support and understanding from other women who have resolved, or who are in the process of resolving, their own depression.

Our Staff

Our Staff is the life of this organization. They are passionate, dedicated and committed to the philosophy of new mothers and families getting the support they deserve and have years of experience doing so.

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Our Board

Our Society has an nine-member volunteer Board of Directors. Board members are people who have a keen interest in the issues of postpartum adjustment, motherhood and family. Some of the Board members are women who have experienced postpartum challenges themselves or who have supported family members. We are lucky to have a Board that is an active part of our Society and is steadfast in its commitment to our mission.

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Our Partners

Our funders and partners allow us to realize our mission. We receive funding support from a wide variety of sources including government agencies, foundations, corporations and individual donors/members. We are grateful for this ongoing support and thank each of our donors for their contribution to our Society.

We are also proud of our partnerships in the communities we serve. Some of our ongoing partnerships include BC Reproductive Mental Health, Community Family Drop-In Centres, Community Public Health Nurses, General Practitioners, Registered Clinical Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, BC Midwives and Postpartum Doulas.

Our Volunteers

Without our volunteers we couldn’t do the fine work we do at Pacific Post Partum Support Society.

We are always looking for volunteer support in various capacities including fundraising, research, office support and more. If you could offer your time to our Society, we would be happy to connect with you. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].