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We’re In This Together: Maegan

We’re In This Together is a photography series, coordinated in partnership with the Pacific Post Partum Support Society and the Good Mother Project, that offers messages of encouragement, hope, support and love to new parents.   For more information on how you can share your message, please visit:   #youareenough #ppd #anxiety #maternalmentalhealth #postpartum… Read more »

We’re In This Together: Abby’s Story

My battleground was breastfeeding. I had a terrible start with my first child and when I had the same issues with my second baby, I used all the resources and information I had gained the first time around. I was able to cut myself some slack, recognize the problem much quicker and saved myself a… Read more »

We’re In This Together: Amanda’s Story

When my second child was born it felt like our family was complete and that we’d all live happily ever after. I’d had very little problems with my first child and was loving motherhood so I figured a second child would be no problem. But I was completely unprepared for the stress and demands of… Read more »