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We’re In This Together: Noa’s Story

Helping women with postpartum depression and anxiety is my passion. As a mother of two, and a survivor of PPD myself, I am all too familiar with the struggles a new mother faces. I work as a clinical counsellor now, focusing on reproductive mental health and helping women and couples navigate that intense first year of parenthood. There is nothing shameful about seeking help, and know that you are not alone in this. You are strong and brave, and more than anything your children need a happy and healthy you.


We’re In This Together is a photography series, coordinated in partnership with the Pacific Post Partum Support Society and the Good Mother Project, that offers messages of encouragement, hope, support and love to new parents.


For more information on how you can share your message, please visit: http://goodmotherproject.com/were-in-this-together






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