We’re In This Together: Julia’s Story

I chose to participate in We’re In This Together because I have personally been affected by postpartum depression. This is my story.

I had my son a month premature. He was a healthy boy, thankfully, and was an amazing baby. My fiancé was extremely supportive and my mom was able to stay with us for a few weeks early on.

I never experienced baby blues or symptoms of PPD in the early months of my postpartum journey. My postpartum depression began to show itself about 5-6 months postpartum, but I played it off as lack of sleep and my hormones being out of balance. I never truly figured it out until about a month and a half ago, when I did some reading and realized that the symptoms I had been experiencing, mainly anger, was a common, but not often talked about symptom of PPD.

I was embarrassed, ashamed and guilty that I would get so angry over such tiny things. I didn’t want to tell anyone, including my fiancé how I was feeling, for fear that he and everyone else would think of me as a bad mom. I finally opened up to my fiancé after I reached my breaking point. It was 3 am and my son wouldn’t sleep. I had been with him all day and he had been fussy. I was exhausted and needed time alone but I wasn’t getting it. I began to feel anger towards my son and fiancé, and then that’s when it clicked: something is wrong, something isn’t right, something needs to change.

I began to read other mothers stories about anger and PPD and realized it was more common than I thought. I realized I wasn’t alone. I shared this with my fiancé and a few close friends and decided to get help. That’s when I decided to participate in this project.

PPD is one of those things that often gets downplayed or isn’t discussed enough. I am so happy to see more awareness around maternal mental health, especially this year. There have been a number of tragedies involving mothers losing their lives and mothers not seeking help because of the stigma of PPD/A. I know this because I personally have felt scared to seek help for fear of judgement.

I want other moms who might be struggling to know that they aren’t alone, and that it’s important they seek help. PPD/A shouldn’t be dealt with alone, after all raising children truly takes a village. We need to support mothers and maternal mental health, we really are all in this together.

I want other moms to know they are loved, they are doing a good job, and that having PPD/A does not define them as a mother.

This is my story, and this is why I chose to participate in this project.


To all moms everywhere: you are loved & you are enough.


Julia Stride


We’re In This Together is a photography series, coordinated in partnership with the Pacific Post Partum Support Society and the Good Mother Project, that offers messages of encouragement, hope, support and love to new parents.
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2 Responses to “We’re In This Together: Julia’s Story”

  1. Victoria Rose

    My daughter is experiencing this anger. How can I help her. Its bad and she is pushing everyone away, she will be left alone if she continues. Even I am struggling to be sensitive as it s getting so bad. I love her so much and will never leave her, will always support her. Im just not sure if I should turn away and let her sink or swim or be there when she wants to be nice and in her rage let her be.

  2. Sheila Duffy

    Hi Victoria… anger is actually a fairly common symptom of postpartum depression and/or anxiety. It is also often associated with sleep deprivation and a general feeling of being depleted. In this state, often there is just no buffer or anything to draw upon when feeling frustrated etc… It does get better, but moms need alot of support and understanding which is why having anger as a symptom is so difficult as we often end up pushing people away. I would definitely encourage her to call us if she is open to that, but you can also call our support line and we can support you so that you can get what you need to be there for her. Our support line is 604-255-7999. or toll free 855-255-7999.