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Stepping up with Open Hearts: Thank You to Our Volunteers!

It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week,  and at Pacific Post Partum Support Society we want to  honor and acknowledge the volunteers who help to make our work possible.

PPPSS is a small organization located in Burnaby, BC that does big work throughout the Metro Vancouver area, British Columbia, and even across Canada. As a non-profit that has volunteers woven throughout the organization we are just so incredibly grateful to the open-hearted, compassionate, and dedicated people who give their time.

We are especially grateful for volunteer assistance over the past year. The loss of Florence Leung in the Fall of 2016 touched the lives of so many mothers and families. We held this mother in our hearts when she was missing, when her body was found, and again when her loving husband posted on Facebook his pledge and support for mothers who may struggle with breastfeeding and acknowledged the fact that this issue can cause much emotional turmoil and distress.

Due to the public concern and conversation around Florence Leung’s tragic death there has been a heightened awareness of the emotional and mental health issues that surface in relation pregnancy and postpartum. In 2016 we saw a 43%  increase in our support calls and the waitlists for our group support sessions grew significantly.  Our telephone support volunteers in particular stepped up and supported the moms and the staff at this crucial time with grace and dedication.  

This tribute and acknowledgement is sent out to all our volunteers– on our Volunteer Board, on the support telephone lines, on our social media platforms, in our childminding rooms, and those planning awareness and giving events . These wonderful people who give of their time with passion and love help make this world a better place – what a privilege and joy it is to have you with us.

How humbling is it to see staff and volunteers working side by side,  breaking down the stigma and social pressures that  lead to postpartum isolation and loneliness, giving parents the gift of space and time to journey through the postpartum experience, and making a difference in the lives of so many families.

Georgie Hutchinson

Volunteer Coordinator

Pacific Post Partum Support Society




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