Monthly Archives: October 2014

Nutrition and Health

By Shealagh Davis As part of our ongoing recommendation for self-care here at PPPSS, we are focusing on nutrition and health in this week’s post. Specifically we are highlighting Fish Oils/Omega-3 fatty acids and their benefit to physical and emotional health. If you have any questions or would like to conduct additional research into the… Read more »

Those Affected by Postpartum Depression: Partner Support

By Rosemary Rukavina Postpartum Depression does not only affect the diagnosed individual, it affects the whole family. Both partners in a couple have a shared view of what the experience of expanding their family will look like, and when the reality does not match their expectations, disappointment, shock, and anxiety can be common reactions. If… Read more »

Postpartum Stress

By Sheila Duffy There are many myths surrounding motherhood. One of the reasons that many new moms and dads struggle is because no one talks about “what it is really like”. We then often blame ourselves, and may have thoughts along the lines of “What is wrong with me?” “I was not cut out for… Read more »