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Your #ppdtoolbox: Tips for Managing with Anxiety and Depression

Your Postpartum Tool Box - Coping Tips on Postpartum.orgWe all have methods for coping with hard moments. Even if you are newly suffering from postpartum depression or anxiety, chances are you have a few tools in your toolbox. Certainly, as you go along this journey you will gain more and more. So we wanted to ask, “What do you do to cope?” When you have an anxious moment, or one filled with sadness, what do you do to make it through to the next hour, minute or second? We asked our staff and volunteers to share their coping techniques; and we call this (y)our #ppd/A toolbox.

Tips for Managing Anxiety and Depression

When I get overwhelmed/anxious/sad I …

“…get out of the house, ideally for a walk or run.”

“…take a deep breath, try to remember that I’ve dealt with this before, and remind myself that it will pass.”

“….go walk by the ocean and breathe in the powerful energy there.”

“…go to my schedule and pencil myself in to ensure I have breaks and nurturing activities mixed in with my busy days.”

“…distract myself. I look at a certain colour of something around me and take deep breaths.”

“…. stretch or exercise.”

“…go outside. I focus on nature, like the birds chirping or the clouds in the sky.”

“… make sure my children are in a safe place and then I go in my room to breathe and just shut my eyes for a second.”

“…ask myself what could be the trigger? Lack of sleep? Have I eaten?”

“…remind myself of a small victory or joyful moment from the day or week.”

“…get up, get dressed and put some make-up on.”

“…allow the tears to flow.”

“…am gentle with myself.”

“…sit quietly for a few minutes and breathe deeply, even if I am in my car.”

“…leave the room and go out on the balcony to change the view.”

“…find time to have a nap.”

“…write furiously in my journal.”

“…retreat to the downtown branch of the Vancouver Public Library, buy myself a gigantic tea, hide in a study carrel and read.”

“…stop and stretch. Bend my knees and touch my toes, stretch up into a five point star and breathe into my heart. As I breathe I say “gentle, gentle.”

“…drink water mindfully. Feel the coolness slide down my throat.”

“…practice yoga, even if for a few minutes. This grounds me and reminds me to let my thoughts go.”

“…go for a walk. The exercise and being outdoors helps to calm me. And when I take my dog, I can attend to his simple needs for a short while.”

“…have a timeout. I curl up in my room with a magazine and a cozy blanket, even if for 15 minutes.”

Which ones will you try the next time you are feeling overwhelmed? What can you add to our list? Tweet us at @PostPartumBC with the hashtag #PPDToolbox.




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