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I’m Having Scary Thoughts

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Recently we posted a response to The New York Times article on Postpartum Depression. It is great that a major publication like this one is paying attention to issues in Maternal Mental Health. Our concern with the article, and which was recently reiterated by a Huffington Post article, was that women reading it might get… Read more »

A Blog About Postpartum Mood Disorders

Pacific Post Partum Support Society is dedicated to helping mothers, and their families, cope with symptoms of postpartum mood disorders. The model we were built upon, when we began as an informal gathering more than 40 years ago, is one of mothers supporting mothers. We carry on this tradition today in our programming; we believe… Read more »

New Findings on Postpartum Depression & Our Response

Recently, The New York Times published an article on Postpartum Depression entitled,‘Thinking of Ways to Harm Her’ New Findings on Timing and Range of Maternal Mental Illness. The article takes a look at Postpartum Mood Disorders in light of recent research that has changed the scope of the inquiry. It is now found that many women suffer… Read more »