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A Blog About Postpartum Mood Disorders

Pacific Post Partum Support Society

Pacific Post Partum Support Society is dedicated to helping mothers, and their families, cope with symptoms of postpartum mood disorders. The model we were built upon, when we began as an informal gathering more than 40 years ago, is one of mothers supporting mothers. We carry on this tradition today in our programming; we believe that a woman suffering from a postpartum mood disorder can benefit from sharing her experiences with another woman who has or is travelling on a similar journey. We offer groups and telephone support to women in need, and education, information and guidance to the community through workshops.

We believe that postpartum depression is a problem with many dimensions and effects. We hope to empower women to drive their own recovery, by breaking the isolation that many new mothers experience, by understanding what is contributing to their postpartum difficulties and by learning about self care.

This blog is new for us, and we hope it is a space you visit often. Our aim in posting information here is to keep you informed of the issues surrounding postpartum mood disorders including the latest research. It is also to foster a great sense of community amongst those we support or have supported in the past, members of our staff and board, as well as stakeholders and leaders in the healthcare sector. A community is built upon shared stories, and here we want to craft the stories that affect you, impact your life and further the conversation around how best to help women cope with the huge adjustment to motherhood. We will post on topics like frequently asked questions, research, self-care tips and more. We strive to be a leading resource guiding women, their caregivers and loved ones through the strife of maternal mental illness.

To help us stay relevant and supportive of your needs, please provide us with feedback. And help us to spread the word about what helps parents during a difficult postpartum adjustment, including depression and anxiety by posting our content to your social media profiles.


Thank you!


The Staff and Volunteers of Pacific Post Partum Support Society




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