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Gifts for the Soul

  Pacific Post Partum Support Society counsellor, Anna Chambers, shares three gifts that you can give yourself this holiday season.   Courage to ask for what I need.   Often, one of the ongoing struggles for women is having the courage to ask for what we need. One of the myths mothers may buy into… Read more »

Holiday Wellness

Article by Hollie Hall,  Pacific Post Partum Support Society phone counsellor and group facilitator   This time of year can bring with it a whole mixed bag of emotions for new parents. Usually our call volume here at PPPSS goes up with the darker days. For many of us the negative feelings can be very… Read more »

Self care over the holidays

By Andrea Paterson I remember Christmas as a child as a time of extraordinary magic. Even now when the lights go up and the carols begin I experience an almost unbearable excitement. I also see that the magic associated with the holidays has hard working magicians behind it. Parents, and often mothers in particular, have… Read more »