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We’re in this Together: Corinne’s Story

I can still remember watching the monitors while I was in labour. Because of my high risk pregnancy being both diabetic and having high blood pressure, I was hooked up to monitors for the entire time. My feelings went from excited, to scared, to worried as I saw Narra’s heart rate drop with every contraction…. Read more »

Helping your partner fight postpartum depression

At first it seems like all you need is each other and a lot of preparation. Yes, you’ve heard babies change everything. You know it’s a big responsibility, a major lifestyle change. But you’re up for it. The two of you get ready, decorating a room, going to appointments, stocking up on more diapers than… Read more »

Kelley’s Story of Postpartum Depression

By Kelley Allen I have always struggled with depression. It runs in my family and, at 14 years old, I was diagnosed with it. I have managed it since with medication. Once my husband and I began talking about starting a family, we went into pregnancy knowing of my increased risk for postpartum depression. We… Read more »

A Caring Counsellor: Interview with Hollie Hall

Photo of Hollie Hall - Counsellor at Pacific Post Partum

A Caring Counsellor: Interview with Hollie Hall Eight years ago, Hollie joined the Pacific Post Partum Support Society team. Since then, she has been a valuable resource for thousands of women who find her caring ways and kind voice a source of comfort and support. In this spotlight on one of our own, we chat… Read more »