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Overcoming Isolation’s Grasp

The first year of a child’s life can be an isolating time for mothers. Most of your time (if not all) is devoted to nurturing. It can be extremely challenging to take care of even basic needs such as brushing teeth, showering, or even just using the bathroom. Thinking about doing something like leaving the… Read more »

We’re updating our training materials!

Over the past several months, staff at PPPSS have been busy brainstorming how to update our training programs. As part of this effort, staff and volunteer mothers devoted an entire day to filming mock support group sessions. The videos will be used to supplement our instruction on the unique way PPPSS supports men and women… Read more »

When the Seasons Change

Depression has many causes.  During the winter months when days are shorter and the weather is typically dark, cold, and wet, many people experience decreases in their mood.  In fact, there was once a diagnosable mental health condition in the manual that psychiatrists and psychologists use devoted to this phenomenon.  Fortunately, there are some strategies… Read more »

Happy New Year!

The beginning of a New Year marks a time of thinking about how the past year went and thinking about what the New Year holds.  Many people will develop resolutions or goals to strive towards in the year ahead . . . lose some weight, save money, stop nail biting, be nicer to a family member, be happier. … Read more »