Volunteer Week Message 2018

The theme this year for National Volunteer Week is “Celebrate the Value of Volunteering – building confidence, competence, connections and community”

We at Pacific Post Partum Support Society recognize our volunteers and celebrate their value.

We hope our volunteers know that we are mindful every day of the dedication and passion they bring to their work.  We have the pleasure to see them grow in confidence and competence as they make deep connections with the people they support while they continue to help us build community.

Our Volunteer Board of Directors offer freely their time to guide and provide governance.  They are the rudder of our little ship and keep us afloat. We value them and appreciate the responsibilities they take so seriously.

Our telephone support volunteers train long and hard to support mothers and fathers in our ongoing telephone support connections.  We are so grateful for the way they help share the work with the staff and help us reach out to support more community members.

Our Social Media team is amazing and with their busy lives they continue to work to build awareness through writing, posts and tweets.

All the volunteers who help out with our events – raising awareness, building community and sometimes raising funds – thank you.

Another year has passed and here is another opportunity to say on behalf of our Board and Staff how grateful we are to all the volunteers who give so generously to Pacific Post Partum Support Society.

Words are not enough!
Georgie Hutchinson
Volunteer Coordinator

2 Responses to “Volunteer Week Message 2018”

  1. Mayerling Fiallo

    I was in the postpartum group in 2014,I got anxiety.
    Thank you for all your love and kindness.It was really helpful to me and to my family.
    Now I am a yoga teacher,I am new but I learned some techniques of breathing and exercise,I would love to come to teach them to the moms that are passing through this hard moment.
    Please allow me to help.
    Maya 🙂

  2. Sheila Duffy

    HI Maya… that so nice to hear! Yoga has saved my life as well which I discovered in my postpartum years. If you would like you can contact our volunteer and outreach coordinator at 604-255-7999 or [email protected]