2017 Angel Donor’s Dinner

On May 24, 2017 we held our 4th annual Angel Donor Dinner. We were overwhelmed with the number of donors attending and supporting us! It was an incredibly moving evening. Special thanks to our speakers Catherine Chow and Andrea Patterson for sharing with honesty, vulnerability and courage their personal stories of recovery. We are so grateful to both of you.

Thank you to our awesome and dedicated Angel Donor Committee and especially our Angel Dinner Founder Catherine Chow, our MC’s and hosts BG and Mike Burdick for providing the financial support for an incredibly delicious dinner at the Shaughnessy Golf Club, to Aimee Agilles-Clare, our event director, and to Kirsty Hill and Shelley Dewitt of www.umbrellasquared.com for their amazing graphic design of our program and banners. Another special thanks to Eran Sudds and  Sweet Scarlet for their beautiful performance!

We are so proud to be part of this organization as we continue to build this community of support for new mothers and fathers dealing with perinatal issues. Looking forward to next year!!

You are all Angels.



One Response to “2017 Angel Donor’s Dinner”

  1. Grace Yung

    Hello To Who It May Concern,

    My name is Grace and heard about your organization through my counsellor Mary Gillis Chaisson.

    I have a beautiful 6.5 month old baby boy, Cooper and journey into motherhood was a challenging one.

    I was fortunate to have a solid midwife at the South Community Birth Program and it was there I was given preventative options to help support me in my vunerable stage of being anxious of becoming a mother and also having a predisposition to depression and anxiety.

    I decided to find a counsellor who specialized in PPD and pregnancy and I am so fortunate I found Mary. I started seeing her in my third trimester of pregnancy and she was able to help coach me through my fears of becoming a mother.

    From there I was encouraged to get to know the other mothers in my Connecting Pregnancy Group at South Community Birth Program.

    Having a confidence and interest in social engagements I decided to start a Facebook group for my new mom friends. I started by organizing neighbourhood walks and over time it grew to over 90 women who are all mothers.

    I created a platform on social media (Facebook ‘connected momma’s, Instagram ‘@connectedmommas’ & I am currently working on a website) to share my stories of what motherhood is like in my eyes.

    I share my struggles and triumphs. I connect with other mothers to create a safe space to share and feel supported by our female community.

    I feel compelled to share my experiences that are challenging and also just as importantly share my desire to get help and get better.

    I share all the resources that I have been introduced to from asking the right people.

    This process of admitting I have PPD and anxiety with being a new mom is not easy, but the help that I am so fortunate to be open to receive has really been the guiding light for me throughout my process of ‘figuring it out’.

    I have also launched a ‘Connected Mommas Guest Speaker Series’ where I connect with other female entrepreneurs that specialize in pregnancy, wellness and healing.

    I have asked countless women to volunteer an hour of their time and meet with my mom friends in my group. While not all of these women have free time to volunteer for our Guest Speaker Series- by reaching out to them in the first place I have made new connections and friends! I have had two successful guest speakers to volunteer, and I will be the third one this month to address what it was like to admit that I had PPD and how I got the help I needed for myself, my husband and our new baby boy.

    I took time to call, email and meet room booking co-ordinators to countless community centres and libraries and I have been fortunate to connect with the Mt Pleasant Library where I have been granted a free meeting space for these talks to take place. I am beyond grateful.

    I do believe in the mantra “Ask and you Shall Receive” and “It’s about the journey not the destination” As challenging as this journey has been it has also been lesson after lesson, blessing after blessing and the biggest exercise : asking for help and receiving that help.

    I asked for help and I got it and continue to work on my mental and physical wellness for the betterment of myself and my family.

    I was wondering how I could get involved and share my story of how I struggled with PPD from when my son was born and how I got help and took a proactive approach to face my PPD with a supportive plan.

    Grace Yung
    [email protected]