Monthly Archives: April 2015

A Dad’s Perspective on PPD/A

The Father of a Pacific Post Partum Support Society client provided the following account: My general observations of my daughter during her postpartum depression and anxiety included seeing her: fatigued, weepy, irritable, guilty, and experiencing an overwhelming sense of misery. She was generally unwilling to ask for help and would accuse the family of “interfering”… Read more »

Anger During the Postpartum Period

Article by Kelley Allen and Andrea Paterson Anger is probably one of the least discussed components of the motherhood experience and one of the least acknowledged facets of postpartum depression and anxiety. No one is prepared for the anger that is sometimes born alongside their infant, but it’s a completely normal reaction. Women might be… Read more »

Celebrating National Volunteer Week

From April 12-18 Canada is celebrating National Volunteer Week. Volunteers are at the heart of many not for profit organizations and Pacific Post Partum Support Society is no exception. Here is a message from Georgie Hutchinson, Volunteer Coordinator for PPPSS: I see Volunteer Week as similar to Mother’s Day: Just a we should appreciate the… Read more »

Spring Images For Healing

Article by Andrea Paterson Spring in Vancouver has been early and intense this year. It’s hard to believe that the cherry blossoms and magnolias are already at their end and trees are in bud. Spring has always been a time to celebrate new life and resurrection after the death and dormancy of winter. Today Christians… Read more »