Monthly Archives: December 2014

Self care over the holidays

By Andrea Paterson I remember Christmas as a child as a time of extraordinary magic. Even now when the lights go up and the carols begin I experience an almost unbearable excitement. I also see that the magic associated with the holidays has hard working magicians behind it. Parents, and often mothers in particular, have… Read more »

Erika’s Story Part 1

By Erika Mitchell I had the perfect birth. It was exactly what I had hoped for: a peaceful home water birth with my husband, doula, and midwife all present and supportive. I labored beautifully and transitioned through my ‘gates of great doubt’ with a whimpered “I don’t think I’m doing very well” followed by 20… Read more »

Is seeking online-based support helpful?

  By Rosemary Rukavina Many parents actively use the internet to find information, seek advice from professionals, and receive support around infant care issues with peers. This online support can enhance your knowledge and positive attitudes related to various topics about infant care. As well, internet-based support can create a virtual sense of community with… Read more »