Monthly Archives: August 2014

Learning Self-Love: Put Yourself First

By Georgie Hutchinson Let’s face it – when mothers, in particular new mothers, first hear the advice: “Put yourself first;” their reactions are often of confusion and disbelief. “Put myself first? Why, that would be irresponsible!” “Guilt” kicks in all too quickly, even within the first minutes of motherhood. This guilt is closely associated with the constant… Read more »

Kelley’s Story of Postpartum Depression

By Kelley Allen I have always struggled with depression. It runs in my family and, at 14 years old, I was diagnosed with it. I have managed it since with medication. Once my husband and I began talking about starting a family, we went into pregnancy knowing of my increased risk for postpartum depression. We… Read more »

Our Response to Robin Williams’ Death

We are so deeply saddened to hear the news about Robin Williams. Although most of us did not know him, he touched us all with his incredible talent and energy. Depression is a debilitating illness that can end so tragically….It does not discriminate. We must continue to help break isolation and raise awareness and work… Read more »

A Caring Counsellor: Interview with Hollie Hall

Photo of Hollie Hall - Counsellor at Pacific Post Partum

A Caring Counsellor: Interview with Hollie Hall Eight years ago, Hollie joined the Pacific Post Partum Support Society team. Since then, she has been a valuable resource for thousands of women who find her caring ways and kind voice a source of comfort and support. In this spotlight on one of our own, we chat… Read more »