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Telephone Support for Postpartum Depression

Telephone Support from

By Karen Bannister I have a long history with the little devil I call postpartum mood disorders. And so when I moved to the province of BC, pregnant with my third child, I knew I needed support. I had come from an amazing care situation – I had ready access to a compassionate counsellor and… Read more »

Support Groups for Postpartum Depression

Support Groups at Pacific Post Partum

By Linda King, Staff In addition to the telephone support line, we offer Mother’s Support Groups. Our support groups are a safe place for women to talk openly about their experiences. A number of counseling/facilitating staff members have used a support group themselves in their healing journey. All of our counselling and facilitating staff are… Read more »

The Signs and Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

Signs & Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

By Sheila Duffy, Staff How do you know if you have postpartum depression, or are experiencing a difficult adjustment or even normal feelings? Do all new moms feel like this? Why doesn’t anyone talk about what it is really like? These are just a few commonly asked questions when new moms call our support line…. Read more »