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Allen: listening is the best thing you can do

Allen talks about how important it is to just listen and how hard it is to do.  After practicing it with his wife, he can apply it to other parts of his life now, including his relationship with his friends and child.


Sometimes I have to bite my tongue and, and say it, just listen. You don’t need to do anything. And, and, and it works a hundred percent of the time. I would say is, and even, you know, not even just with my, my but with my friends too sometimes, you know, you know, you, or I think I, when I’m talking to my guy friends, you know, I want to jump in and say: oh you got to do this. But sometimes just sit there and: yeah. Nod and it works and people just want to, to vent or do whatever and, and I think it’s a, it’s a really, it was really good habit to get into and I think that was the biggest thing, and the hardest thing.

And no I’m not perfect I still, I still, I still, you know, do and, you know, I still say, you know, say the wrong thing (light laugh) but, you it’s, but I overall I would say: yes that was the biggest lesson or biggest thing I took away from the whole experience was that. and I still, I still try to practice it, even with my son, tying to practice that and, and just, you know, it helps a lot.