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Kasimir: the best support is a listening ear

Kasimir talks about how he finally realized the best way to support his partner when she was going through PPD/A was to listen to her.


Just tell me how I can help; tell me what I can do , you know, what can I do? Right? Rather than: lets look at the whole situation here and figure this out. It was more, you know, was probably the worst thing you can do because the person who’s going through the depression is maybe not the person to consult about how to help with their depression.

We’re looking for, for, you know, for specific instructions so. And I don’t think that post partum depression is, doesn’t come with directions so, just a matter of talking to people and talking about your, your feelings and working through them. (Sighs) I can’t believe I’m saying this now because I have no idea what, what to do at the time when we were going through it