(Ep. 8) Turning Postpartum Anxiety into Art with Juno Rinaldi


For episode 8 of Beyond Postpartum I got to interview Juno Rinaldi, who is an actor, writer, and creative, and a mom of two! It was such a pleasure to virtually ‘sit down’ with Juno and hear her story. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation as much as I enjoyed having it!

In this episode, Juno and I talk about:

  • The ‘perfect storm’ of factors that contributed to her Postpartum struggles
  • How surprising it can be when we struggle the 2nd time around – shouldn’t we know what we are doing by now?
  • Feeling desperate to get back to ‘normal’ and rushing the process
  • The feeling of failing at all the things
  • How physical the experience of Postpartum Anxiety can be
  • Sleep being the ‘missing link’
  • The power in reaching out for support
  • Being grateful for postpartum struggles after the fact – but how hard it was to go through at the time
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • How she knew that she wasn’t ok
  • Shame – and how this arises from external judgements that we internalize
  • How we get shame to go away
  • Finding a sense of belonging
  • What healing looked like for Juno
  • Making hard decisions about breastfeeding and how much it helps – and how she still feels shame (even though she recognizes she shouldn’t!)
  • How harmful black-and-white thinking can be
  • Why taking care of ourselves is important on so many levels
  • What self care can look like and how it evolves over time
  • How much judgment we are subjected to as new parents
  • Trusting ourselves and our instincts
  • The tools she learned in her postpartum time that she still uses today
  • Coming back to Pacific Post Partum as a volunteer and how that was a big part of her healing
  • The practice of setting boundaries – how hard it is and yet how important it is
  • Turing pain and struggle into art
  • Sharing our stories and how they bring healing
  • What she would say to others who are struggling and to herself when she was struggling the most