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Ep. 2 – Clare Shares Her Story and we Talk About RAGE


Our second episode! And this is a good one. Clare is one of our wonderful support staff and also co-ordinates all of our fabulous volunteers – among so many other things. It might be her soothing Scottish accent, it might be that she’s just an all-round superb human being, but I always love the conversations we have and this interview did not disappoint.

In this episode, Clare and I talk about:

  • How long she’s been in Canada and how long she’s been at PPPSS
  • All the pies she has her fingers in at PPPSS
  • The power of sharing our stories
  • The mixed feelings that came up when she first found out that she was pregnant
  • The challenges of navigating prenatal care as a newcomer to Canada
  • How pregnancy wasn’t the glowing and wonderful experience that she expected
  • Her very quick birth experience!
  • When her mood started to go downhill – and how it caught her off guard
  • The impact of sleep deprivation on her mood
  • The lengths they went to to get her daughter to sleep
  • How angry she felt all the time – for two years!
  • Her experience of intrusive thinking and when and how she found out what intrusive thoughts are
  • The difference between intrusive thinking and psychosis – and how to tell between one and the other
  • Why she didn’t reach out for help at the time she was struggling the most
  • The creative way they FINALLY got her daughter to sleep – and it’s definitely not what you would think!
  • How frightening it can be to reach out for help when we are having intrusive thoughts
  • How common intrusive thoughts really are
  • What can help with intrusive thoughts
  • Postpartum RAGE
  • Rage and anger as a sign our needs are not getting met and that we need more support
  • Seeing rage and anger as a catalyst for change
  • How common rage and anger really are, why we don’t talk about it, and why we really do need to talk about it
  • What she would say to her younger self when she was struggling the most
  • The joy she now finds in parenting
  • How she is coping with the Covid-19 pandemic – and one of the ways is a bit of a surprise!
  • After the interview, I share some tips and strategies for dealing with anger and rage