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Ep. 1 – Sheila’s Story and Intrusive Thoughts


This is the first official episode of Beyond Postpartum! Hurrah! And this episode is a treat, let me tell you. In this episode, listen to me test my ‘wobbly-brand-new-baby-podcast-host-legs’ as I start out by sharing why we have created this podcast and how it relates to our mission here at PPPSS and what we mean by the name ‘Beyond Postpartum.’ And then we get to hear Sheila’s story of her journey through (and out of) postpartum anxiety and depression (PPD/A).

In this episode Sheila and I talk about:

  • Her experience of anxiety and depression during pregnancy
  • Why postpartum is like a jigsaw puzzle (as a puzzle lover I love this analogy!)
  • Intrusive thoughts and how frightening they were for her!
  • How she interpreted her experience of PPD/A as a personal failing
  • Having a fussy baby and how that impacts bonding and mental health
  • Having a second child after having untreated PPD/A
  • Getting missed by healthcare providers
  • How her inner experience differed from how she appeared on the outside
  • Reaching out to PPPSS for support
  • How being in one of our groups was instrumental in her recovery
  • Building an ‘army’ of support
  • What intrusive thoughts are, who experiences them, and what they mean and don’t mean
  • What helps with intrusive thoughts
  • How and why the PPPSS started – almost 50 years ago!
  • The peer support model that the PPPSS uses and why
  • Who we support and what our core programs are
  • What she would say to herself if she could go back in time and talk to younger Sheila when she was struggling the most

Resources Shared in the Episode: