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(Ep. 33) Comparison is Poison with Robin

For this episode of Beyond Postpartum I had the honour of having the lovely Robin Gale as my guest. Robin is a mom of 2, a full spectrum doula, a breastfeeding counsellor, and a staff member here at PPPSS. She shares her journey with PPD and PPA, her experience having a newborn with a heart condition, what helped in her recovery, and the skills and tools that she has carried with her from that experience.

We talk about:

  • Knowing she was at high risk for PPD/PPA but not allowing herself the space to acknowledge it after having her first child
  • The circumstances that contributed to having worse PPD/PPA the 2nd time
  • Having a newborn had a heart condition
  • How experiencing a sudden and unexpected loss pushed her over the edge from coping, to not
  • When she reached out to PPPSS and her experience in one of our support groups
  • The abrupt shift from the supports available in the NICU to being sent home
  • When the worry shifted from normal worry to intrusive thinking
  • Experiencing disproportional anger towards her older child for acting out as a sign of PPD and PPA
  • The shame around experiencing anger
  • The value in learning the skills she learned through her postpartum journey
  • Modelling good self care and mental health practices to our children and those around us
  • The harmful myths about parenthood that are out there
  • Comparison of suffering as poison
  • The things she did to facilitate her recovery
  • What she would have done differently, in hindsight
  • Using medication as a tool in recovery, and why they can help
  • The memories that re-emerged when Covid hit
  • Whether taking a shower should count as self care or not (the jury is still out)
  • Reclaiming the pieces of ourselves that we miss from who we were pre-children
  • Shifting the narrative of self care
  • How her experience with PPD/PPA has influenced her professional work
  • Finding joy in the every day