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(Ep. 31) Catalogue Baby with Myriam Steinberg

In this episode of Beyond Postpartum we hear from Myriam Steinberg who is a single parent by choice, who went through over 4 years of infertility and losses before conceiving and giving birth to her now two-year-old twins. She documented her journey along the way, and then turned her journey into an amazing memoir in the form of a graphic novel. And luckily for us, she also shares her story here with us!

We talk about:

  • Her book!
  • The circumstances that led her to chose to pursue her dream of having children on her own
  • The process of choosing a sperm donor
  • Becoming pregnant on her first try – and then experiencing the loss of that baby
  • Making the choice to terminate a pregnancy when she found out there were genetic anomalies
  • Moving from IUI to IVF
  • Questioning her value and self-worth as a woman and a mother as she struggled to conceive
  • How she decided to keep going, even when she started to lose hope
  • Deciding to use donor eggs as well as donor sperm
  • Epigenetics
  • Intuition
  • Her complicated pregnancy with the twins
  • Their NICU journey
  • Adjusting to parenthood and what it means to be the mother of living children
  • Why she documented her fertility journey and why she chose to write her book
  • The ceremony of remembrance that she does every year for the babies she lost
  • How her journey to becoming a parent has influenced the way she parents her children
  • The different discussions she has to have with her children because they were donor conceived
  • The importance of community support through her whole journey
  • How Covid has impacted her family
  • The mental health impacts of her journey
  • The lingering emotional impacts of infertility
  • The lack of cultural understanding of how to support people through miscarriage and infant loss
  • Connecting with people who have gone through similar experiences