(Ep. 13) – Developing a meditation practice with Celina


In this episode Celina and I talk about:

  • Having a spirited child
  • Why she became one of our telephone support volunteers
  • Having a miscarriage that resulted in many different complications – and how this instigated her experience with anxiety
  • Having a physically very tough pregnancy – with a car accident to top it off
  • Losing one of her parents while 8 months pregnant
  • How helpful it was to connect with other moms who could relate to what she was going through
  • Being in our support group – and that’s how she found Yoga Nidra meditation
  • How she began to incorporate meditation into her life as a new parent
  • And how this influenced the path she took in her career
  • Learning the science behind meditation and how validating it has been
  • Having a rich network of support
  • Finding the type of self-care that works for you
  • Where and how she started with her meditation practice and how it has changed over time
  • Being flexible when your expectations don’t pan out
  • Knowing yourself and working with what works for you
  • What she noticed after a month of consistent practice