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Robin: the pressures of motherhood

Robin discusses the unrealistic pressures that mothers put on themselves to be perfect, and how even those mothers who look like they are succeeding are often struggling in their own way. 


But, and just in general, I mean, everywhere you go, you go to, you  go to the a lot of mum and baby talks and it’s like everything’s talked, they just talk bout you know baby’s sleeping and baby eating and baby this and it’s, and it’s like everybody, everybody talks about how happy they are, you know? You sit in those groups and all the mums in the, you know,  you sit in these groups and all the mums are saying: oh my baby did this. And they’re so wonderful and I’m so, I have so much enjoyment and they look at their babies and they say: (sigh) I just can’t even believe how much I love this baby. And this is, and my life is so great now and it’s. And .. and so it’s, it’s hard to, to say: I don’t feel like that right now. When everybody else around you seems to feel like they are,

But I just remember, you know,  there was one mum who was talking about how she was struggling so much and that, especially in the mum and baby groups, things were really, really hard for her because she looked around and all the mums seemed so put together and they seemed to have their lives all in order and everything is in place and had,  you know, everything was going great for them and it wasn’t for her. And there was another mum on the other side of the room who looked at that mum and said: did you know I, I met you before, I’ve met you at a mum and baby group and you were that mum to me. I remember looking at you and saying: how does that, how does she have her shit together so, her stuff together so well when I, and I can’t.

And it was sort of that realization that it’s like:  well everybody’s struggling in their own way and, and it’s just if would all just talk about it, you know,  and, and it maybe would help break down some of the expectation and break down some of the, break down some of those myths that, that, you know, are just keep carrying down through, you know,  for all the mothers that are having babies right now.

Duration: 2 minutes