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Pablo: the difficulty of balancing everything

Pablo discusses the difficulty of balancing home and family obligations, particularly when one partner has PPD/A, and why doing so is vital.


Health wise a very big one, stress was the flavor of the day, every day. You have to balance the economy side of the family, had to balance the emotional side of the family. You have to be with your wife, with your kid and you want to be the best husband, the best dad you can be. At the same time you have to be the best economist, the best worker the best boss, the best everything. To try to manage all of those things all together.


So there were some times which just said: enough is enough and you really wish for something to almost like magic wand that says: just break this and have that little escape.

And it’s, (sighs) .. .. ..  I don’t know the exact words to say it but it’s like you want .. you want a little bit more comprehension on that, on that regard. Like both ways like you try to comprehend your wife and you want her: ok I understand what you’re also going through to that stage. So you don’t get completely ignored and you don’t get completely frustrated with the situation. Like same deal as she was taking care of the kid at night while I have to take care of the business: it’s not like we just won the lottery and we don’t have to worry about money. Or have to be dealing with a difficult customer or supplies got delayed so it’s, it’s a different stress level that’s with, with her stress level with the kids but it takes a big toll and it takes health wise, I stopped exercise.

Even though before the kids I stopped exercising. When I have the chance I have the energy to do so but with the kids literally like for a friends and say: lets do this, lets play this in the park. I’m like: oh forget it, like I just want to sit down and enjoy that five minutes of quiet, quietness that is around.