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Brianna: mothers can’t be loving all the time

Brianna discusses how the images of a perfect mother seen in the media do not reflect the real life, and how the idea that you “should” be happy all the time is particularly damaging for parents with depression.  


And I know that in a lot of parenting magazines and books and on line there’s a, a false, a false positive sheen on everything that is just not reality. You don’t love your child all the time, you don’t like them all the time. Same goes for your partner and that’s just the reality of life. And especially when you’re suffering with a depression you are allowed to feel that way, it’s ok, things will get better but don’t get sucked into that false positive vibe because those people who are expressing that positive-ness, that’s not their reality either. And so we need to believe that for ourselves as well. So that we can cope on a daily basis.