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Brianna: the anger brought on by PTSD

Brianna discusses the intense anger she felt as a result of postpartum PTSD, and the affect that anger had on her relationships. Although Brianna had PTSD, anger is a very common symptom of PPD/A as well.

The anger had a huge, huge impact. I was angry about everything, every little thing would set me off and I knew it wasn’t right, I knew that this wasn’t how I usually was but I couldn’t seem to stop it. And the person who got the most of it was my husband because he was an easy target. You cannot get mad at your child all the time because they’re too young, they don’t understand but another adult is fair game and even though I don’t like saying that it’s the reality of the situation. You have all of this emotion and it’s supposed to be going somewhere and I knew it was supposed to be going towards the obstetrician but he’s not here so I can’t get mad at him and so the closest person is my husband. And so I think that that creates a bigger divide as well. That anger.