Postpartum depression: Not the baby blues (KidCareCanada PPD series)


This video, created by KidCareCanada, how the overwhelming and long-lasting distressing feelings of postpartum depression and anxiety is different from the sadness and anxiety (“the baby blues”) that is briefly experienced by many postnatal women.  The baby blues often pass on their own, PPD/A requires treatment.  In all cases, new mothers require caring support from the people around them.


  • Dr. Stefanie Green, Maternity Physician
  • Michal Regev, Psychologist, PhD
  • Enid Elliot, Early Childhood Consultant, PhD
  • Dr. Deirdre Ryan, Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Carolyn Steinberg, Psychiatrist

Featured mothers:

  • Doreen
  • Juno

Duration: 4:56

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