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Robin: there are happy moments

Robin discusses how captures the happy moments of her life so she can draw on them during the low days.


Yeah. .. .. .. you know, I had one thing that when I was, when I was, when I was really in probably my, my darkest period, when I was in, you know,  of my post partum depression anxiety, my darkest time, was that there would be days when I just felt like this was my whole life: that everything was, was, was that dark. That, that, that there was no hope, that anything would get better, that that was my whole life. And, when in reality there were always moments of brightness, there were always moments when I could be, you know,  feel joyful with my children. There were always moments when, you know,  things were ok.

And I, one of the things that I started doing was on the really, when I had a really great moments, I would stick shiny red stars on my calendar. When I had a great moment, I would take a red star and I would stick it on my calendar. So even, no matter how small it was I made a point to say: ok this is good and this is good. So that when I had those moments when it was just dark and overwhelming and I felt like this was my whole life, I could look up at the calendar and shining out of the calendar were all these reminders of that actually it’s not always like that and that they’re, you know,  shiny read moments that, that, that are there and they are, and they just got more and more. The more that I, you know,  I worked on my self and I, and got, you know,  got help and, and looked after my self-care and, and that. Yeah so that was really a helpful thing (slight laugh)

A tool that I have and sometimes, I have, I still have red stars when I have really good days I put red stars on those days because I think it’s important to remind yourself of that.