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Pablo: self-care is for partners too

Pablo discusses why it is essential to take care of yourself.


I wouldn’t say I would, I was taking care of myself, like, like you have things that you think are more important than taking care of yourself and I think that’s the, that’s the worst mistake you can, you can do. Like because you stop belonging to yourself. So you start living somebody’s else life or you start devoting all your energy to somebody else. And even though it sounds .. like you are being selfish but not, by not giving everything you have, I think you should reserve some energy, some time to yourself to do whatever you feel like just lay down on the grass or go jumping like crazy or go read a book or go out with some friends. Even though you don’t have the energy I think you should force yourself and you should encourage your, your partner to do, do. It’s, it’s like a healthy thing to do. Sometimes maybe just to stay home or to step out and have a nap on the park bench. So as simple as that but you still need to belong to yourself.