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Pablo: feeling judged by others

Pablo discusses how coped with feeling judged by those he worked with when he and his partner were struggling during the postpartum period.


If you are constantly dealing with somebody that never seems to be quite ok, just happens to be three full months in a constant tiredness mode, or he doesn’t feel that ok, you start to question: Ok, what’s wrong with this person?

So it’s not like you meet a stranger: oh, having a kid and having a rough night. Oh yeah, poor you. And off you go. [Instead] people start losing credibility on you because you are months and months and months of going with the same story.

You can tell that they don’t trust you that much. Just because: well, what’s wrong with you? Like you told me that same story three months ago or four months ago, so how come you still the same?

So that really hits you is trying to convince somebody that you’re something you are not. Like they don’t, and you try to hide most of it, but you cannot hide, you cannot hide a tired face and you cannot hide this loneliness whenever you’re doing a job. So maybe you can hide an emotion by being happy or pretending to be happy but you can, you cannot hide that it takes you two days to do something that should take you a day. So it’s, it’s those little factors that people can tell that you are doing something the way it’s not meant to be done. That there is something wrong with you. and whenever you if Canadians are really respectful in that sense, they don’t ask, they don’t want to invade that part of your private life but we’re humans and, and we judge.