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New mothers need support


This video, created by KidCareCanada, discusses feelings of guilt and worthlessness that may keep a new mother from asking for help.  She may not want to bother other people, may be worried others will judge her as a “bad mother”, or may not recognize she needs help.  Everyone can work to ensure a new mother feels safe and supported.


  • Dr. Deirdre Ryan, Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Carolyn Steinberg, Psychiatrist
  • Enid Elliot, Early Childhood Consultant, PhD

Featured mothers:

  • Tanja
  • Susan
  • Jenny
  • Deanna
  • Doreen
  • Cindy

Duration: 4:56

©KidCareCanada Society and posted with their permission, http://kidcarecanada.org/category/hugs-brighter-future-educational-program/postpartum-depression