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Brianna: getting better

Brianna shares how her sister helped to support her recovery by helping Brianna to see the good in herself.

I try to look back at the beginning and compare to what it is now and I know that I’ve gotten better. I know that I’ve recovered a lot and so I, I try to force myself to see that it is happening, you are doing it, you’re getting through. There are setbacks but at this point there’s more forward steps than backward steps. Which is really wonderful.

And I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve got all these little but I’ve got all these little pink stickies all over the apartment ? I went, my daughter is in a parent participation preschool and I had to go to a meeting one evening and my sister was here looking after her. And when I got back to the apartment my husband had come home that night and so my sister was already gone. And my husband got into the shower and I was walking around putting stuff away and looking at things and I noticed these little pink stickies. And I went around the apartment and I read the ones that I could find, I just sat down on the bed and started crying. Because they’re all positive messages that I need to say to myself.

They’re wonderful sentiments about me, and what I do, and the people that love me. And I had said to her afterwards that I was going to put them all in one spot and put them up on the wall so that I could look at all of them. And I haven’t done that yet because I actually like having them in little spots around the apartment so that I can see them as I go throughout my day. And it’s, it’s quite nice, it’s quite nice.