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Allen: advice for fathers

Allen suggests that the best thing that someone can do to support a person with PPD/A, or any struggling new parent, is to just listen to them.


As a man talking to another man about it I would say just listening is the most important thing to do in, in a first year or two of your, your child’s life. Just listening to what your wife or partner is saying. You don’t necessarily have to do anything, you just have to nod, give her or him support whether it’s just a hug or acknowledging their, their pain. Because I think that’s what people need to, that’s what people need is to have that, to say that: yes it is a hard time and yes your baby is not sleeping well and that’s all you need to do. Because I think there’s a, I think that that was the biggest thing.

I think if, if I can, if I could have done that the communication between me and my wife would have been a lot easier.