Tips to help moms cope with PPD/A

iStock_000018591158SmallPPD/A can take away your ability to function. Simple tasks become overwhelming. By taking care of your own needs first, you can better take care of your family. Start with trying to get as much sleep, nutrition and exercise as possible and go from there. Here are some things to try:

  • Ask for help: family, friends, neighbours, other moms, people in your community—be specific. Most want to help. Let them know how they can.
  • Have your partner, family member or friend take the baby out of the house and do something that nurtures you!
  • Make sure your core needs (sleep, food, water) are being met. Try to snack through the day, drink water & sleep when you can.
  • Set small, manageable goals for the day.
  • Return to a hobby that you had before the baby (photography, jigsaw puzzles, reading, gardening, baking—do something you love).
  • Get out of the house. Run an errand or just go for a walk around the block.
  • Get off of Facebook and connect with people in real life—phone a friend, meet another mom for coffee, visit a Family Place or community centre.
  • Listen to music, reread a favourite book or watch a beloved movie.
  • Write down three reasons that you’re a great mom.