Where dads can go for help


The first step in getting help is talking to your healthcare provider. It may be helpful to complete the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) and take it with you to your appointment.

You doctor will talk to you about what treatment may work the best for you. There are a number of different ways to treat depression:


For some men, counselling works well. You may find that a Registered Psychologist or a Registered Clinical Counsellor will help talk through your experiences and feelings.

Your doctor can also refer you to Bounce Back, a free telephone counselling service available through the BC government.

“I got this feeling that I spent my life supporting everyone else and I wasn’t getting any support back.”


You and your doctor may decide that medication is right for you. Not all medications work for all people, but your doctor can keep searching until you find one that works for you. Your doctor may also give you a referral to see a psychiatrist, who can prescribe medication along with providing psychological help.

 Support groups

Call the Pacific Post Partum telephone line to get one-on-one support. Your local public health nurse, family place or community centre may also know of support groups for fathers in your area.

Self care

Taking time for yourself is important not just to your recovery, but to the well-being of everyone in your family. What did you enjoy before the baby? Was it watching your favourite TV show, reading novels, going to the gym or a night out with friends? It’s important to keep doing the things that you enjoy, even if it’s not nearly as often as you used to.


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