Monthly Archives: August 2017

We’re In This Together: Eran’s Story

Day after day, I sat on the couch with my baby, alone & crying, trying to painfully breastfeed, and wishing my husband would take a break from his work upstairs and come save me. I sat and watched Netflix, I read The Hunger Games Trilogy, and I obsessed over how much my baby was sleeping… Read more »

We’re In This Together: Robin’s Story

Being a mother is most rewarding life experience I’ve ever had, but it didn’t start out so great. When my firstborn was about eight months old, I became extremely depressed, to the point where I had occasional psychotic episodes. It was a very dark time for our family, and I felt that if I told… Read more »

We’re In This Together: Amanda’s Story

When my second child was born it felt like our family was complete and that we’d all live happily ever after. I’d had very little problems with my first child and was loving motherhood so I figured a second child would be no problem. But I was completely unprepared for the stress and demands of… Read more »

We’re In This Together: Joanna’s Story

I’d always wanted to be a mother. My earliest memories are of playing with my dolls- rocking them, feeding them, putting them to bed. I was constantly playing “family”, pretending to be pregnant and give birth, and imagining my future kids- I even made up pretend chore lists for them. When I got married, I… Read more »