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Modeling Self Care for Our Children

August will be Self Care Month here on the blog. We’ll be focusing on the importance of self care and sharing tips for integrating it into your hectic life. As the summer hits its stride and families are busy with the unscheduled chaos of the summer holidays, self care can easily be lost in the… Read more »

The Mother Load

CBC Doc Zone recently aired a documentary called The Motherload. While it doesn’t deal directly with postpartum depression and anxiety, it does take a long hard look at the context within which North American women are working as mothers. It focuses on mothers who are also working outside the home and shines a light on… Read more »

Self care over the holidays

By Andrea Paterson I remember Christmas as a child as a time of extraordinary magic. Even now when the lights go up and the carols begin I experience an almost unbearable excitement. I also see that the magic associated with the holidays has hard working magicians behind it. Parents, and often mothers in particular, have… Read more »


By Andrea Paterson I’ve been open about my postpartum journey from the start, therefore well meaning friends and relatives sometimes want to know if I’m “cured.” They ask because they’re concerned about my health and happiness but the question implies a state of unfaltering psycho-spiritual stability that still eludes me. My son is approaching three… Read more »