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Self care over the holidays

By Andrea Paterson I remember Christmas as a child as a time of extraordinary magic. Even now when the lights go up and the carols begin I experience an almost unbearable excitement. I also see that the magic associated with the holidays has hard working magicians behind it. Parents, and often mothers in particular, have… Read more »

Those Affected by Postpartum Depression: Partner Support

By Rosemary Rukavina Postpartum Depression does not only affect the diagnosed individual, it affects the whole family. Both partners in a couple have a shared view of what the experience of expanding their family will look like, and when the reality does not match their expectations, disappointment, shock, and anxiety can be common reactions. If… Read more »

A Caring Counsellor: Interview with Hollie Hall

Photo of Hollie Hall - Counsellor at Pacific Post Partum

A Caring Counsellor: Interview with Hollie Hall Eight years ago, Hollie joined the Pacific Post Partum Support Society team. Since then, she has been a valuable resource for thousands of women who find her caring ways and kind voice a source of comfort and support. In this spotlight on one of our own, we chat… Read more »

Support Groups for Postpartum Depression

Support Groups at Pacific Post Partum

By Linda King, Staff In addition to the telephone support line, we offer Mother’s Support Groups. Our support groups are a safe place for women to talk openly about their experiences. A number of counseling/facilitating staff members have used a support group themselves in their healing journey. All of our counselling and facilitating staff are… Read more »