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Understanding Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Sometimes postpartum depression and anxiety occurs in tandem with other medical or psychological issues that can complicate recovery and the journey towards optimal health. Recognizing and treating these other conditions can help women to resolve their PPD/A since dealing with other health issues may cause additional stress and anxiety. Sometimes new conditions like PMDD can… Read more »

Social Media and Postpartum Mood Disorders

Article by Andrea Paterson Social media can be a wonderful thing. A ubiquitous part of the way individuals and organizations communicate, platforms like Facebook and Twitter give everyone access to an unprecedented amount of information and new parents are likely to turn to social media for advice and information. Unfortunately the tendency to use social… Read more »

Celebrating National Volunteer Week

From April 12-18 Canada is celebrating National Volunteer Week. Volunteers are at the heart of many not for profit organizations and Pacific Post Partum Support Society is no exception. Here is a message from Georgie Hutchinson, Volunteer Coordinator for PPPSS: I see Volunteer Week as similar to Mother’s Day: Just a we should appreciate the… Read more »

PPPSS support, now via text messaging

For over 40 years Pacific Post Partum Support Society has provided support for parents who are experiencing distress during pregnancy or after the birth or adoption of a child—and now we can text! Provided by our experienced counsellors, support via text messaging is available to anyone who needs it: Moms and dads (until youngest child… Read more »