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The Dark Mother

Article by Andrea Paterson I love Halloween. There’s something about the license to be dark and the embrace of all things strange and creepy that calls to me. In the old pagan calendars Samhain marked the turn into the dark half of the year. The harvest is over, the fields lie fallow, the night flows… Read more »

Plantings: Growing into Parenthood

Article by Andrea Paterson The days here in Vancouver are getting noticeably shorter. The air is cooler. The light is the golden hue that appears in fall when the sun rides lower in the sky. As the seasons turn from summer to autumn there is a sense of moving into the darker part of the… Read more »

The Things that are Lost

Part 4 of our August Self Care Series focuses on those things you used to love that are now impossible, or seem that way, after having a baby. How can we cope with the loss of things that used to bring us joy? Article by Andrea Paterson We all know that pregnancy, birthing, and motherhood… Read more »

Understanding Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Sometimes postpartum depression and anxiety occurs in tandem with other medical or psychological issues that can complicate recovery and the journey towards optimal health. Recognizing and treating these other conditions can help women to resolve their PPD/A since dealing with other health issues may cause additional stress and anxiety. Sometimes new conditions like PMDD can… Read more »